25 Coastal Christmas Vignette Decorating Ideas

Create a beautiful coastal Christmas vignette anywhere in your home.

How to Create a Coastal Christmas Vignette

A vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a focal point.  Tray Vignettes, for example, are a popular choice since they provide a small defined space to combine items, but as you will see you can  arrange a beautiful coastal vignette on any table, shelf, ledge, counter, or on the mantel. For a coastal Christmas vignette, simply add one or more coastal & Christmas inspired things. You want to use at least three items for your Christmas vignette, but not overcrowd it. Just make sure that there is breathing room between the items, or whatever composition feels right to you. 

So here is a variety of  coastal Christmas vignettes to inspire your own creation. Or you might already have a coastal vignette or vignettes that you can give a seasonal touch of Christmas! 

Simple Minimialist Coastal Christmas Vignette on Console Table

White Mini Christmas Tree Tabletop Trees

Entryway Foyer Tabletop Christmas Vignette Coastal theme

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Coastal Christmas Decorating Ideas

Creating Christmas Vignettes with what you already have

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