Glass Cloche Dome Decor Ideas for Beach & Coastal Style Living

Elevate the beauty of sea treasures and coastal objects with a glass cloche.

Glass Cloche Decor Ideas
Use a glass cloche dome to showcase a single treasure that you brought home from the beach, such as a large shell or coral, or display an entire shell collection in a tall cloche. Shop the look of these coastal and beachy cloche and glass dome ideas. Glass cloche domes are available with different bases and/or stands, as well as without a base. You could also use the glass dome of a cake stand.

Coastal Glass Cloches

Glass Cloche on Pedestal with Shell
Shell Cloche on Pedestal (and 30 more seashell decor ideas).

Shop Glass Cloche Domes at Wayfair
They have a variety of glass cloche styles to choose from.

Cloche Decor Idea with Seashells
Cloche Decor Idea with Seashells for a summer mantel.

Glass Dome with Shell
A large Silver Shell is showcased in a bottomless cloche.
Via Inspired by This.

Coral Sculpture Figurine Decor under Dome Cloche
Coral under a glass dome by Tara Dennis.

Glass Dome Decor Ideas
A bottomless cloche (glass dome) can be placed on any stand or plate. 
Simple nautical cloche idea from Adventures in Decorating.

Glass Cloche with Succulents

Seasonal Cloche Ideas:

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