Glass Cloche Decor Ideas with a Coastal Beach Theme

Elevate the beauty of sea treasures and coastal objects with a glass cloche.

Glass Cloche Decor Ideas
Use a glass cloche dome to showcase a single treasure that you brought home from the beach, such as a large shell or coral, or display an entire shell collection in a tall cloche. Shop the look of these coastal and beachy cloche and glass dome ideas. Glass cloche domes are available with different bases and/or stands, as well as without a base. You could also use the glass dome of a cake stand.

Glass Cloches Filled with Shell Collection

You could Display a Seashell Collection in glass cloches as seen in this home.

Coastal Glass Cloches

Glass Cloche on Pedestal with Shell

Cloche Decor Idea with Seashells

Glass Dome with Shell

Coral Sculpture Figurine Decor under Dome Cloche

Glass Dome Decor Ideas
A bottomless cloche (glass dome) can be placed on any stand or plate. Simple nautical cloche idea from Adventures in Decorating.

Glass Cloche with Succulents

Shell Glass Cloche
Glass gloche idea from Martha Stewart. Some of the shells are propped up under the glass cloches.

Coastal Christmas Cloche Idea with Shells
And a Coastal Christmas Vignette with shells in a cloche, seen at the Coastal Charm House on Instagram.