Cone Christmas Tree Ideas | Mini Trees made with Shells, Seaglass, Driftwood, Rope & More

The most adorable cone tabletop Christmas trees with a coastal theme. DIY and Shop!

Cone Tabletop Trees | Coastal Mini Christmas Trees | Shell Trees

White Seaglass Trees | Shell Trees | Blue Trees

Cone tabletop trees are a great way to add festivity to any room in your home. Have them on your Coastal Christmas Mantel, as a Centerpiece on your Christmas Dining Table, place a coastal cone tree on your or bookshelf, bathroom or kitchen counter, create a Coastal Tray Vignette, or A Vignette on a Console Table, these mini cone trees offer so many styling options.

Tabletop Mini Cone Trees Seashells Driftwood Seaglass Mini Trees

Take some paper mache cones or foam cones and create coastal tabletop trees that are not only beautiful as Christmas Decorations but can be on display all year long. These inspirational DIY cone tree ideas will get you started, or shop the look.

Christmas Tray Vignette with Tabletop Cone Christmas Trees
White Seaglass Cone Christmas Tree from Cailini

DIY Seaglass Cone Christmas Tree
DIY Seaglass Cone Tree  

Seaglass Cone Trees DIY
DIY Seaglass Cone Trees Tutorial by Crafts by Amanda

Coastal Art Painted Cone Trees
Coastal Art Cone Trees by Plum Island Artist

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