Seaglass Christmas with Trees, Ornaments, Garlands and more

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Whether Seaglass pieces are tumbled by waves or man made look-alikes, they will add beautiful sea colors to your Holiday decor -from ornaments, to cone trees, to a sweet little snowman, and more.

seaglass Christmas tree
A beautiful photograph of a seaglass Christmas tree in the sand, available as card here.

framed seaglass driftwood Christmas tree
A framed DIY seaglass/driftwood tree by The Space Between.

wire cone Christmas tree topped with seaglass
My wire Christmas tree from a past Christmas, feature here.

seaglass ornament
Create a charming seaglass ornament by gluing a few pieces to a clear glass ball ornament. Via rel="nofollow" target="_blank"Flickr.

beach glass ornaments
Seaglass filled ornaments by Just Beachy.

seaglass cone trees
Lovely DIY cone seaglass Christmas trees made by Embrace my Space.

hand sea glass on Christmas tree
Decorate your Christmas tree with pieces of seaglass, featured here. Each piece is Wire Wrapped.

miniature seaglass trees
Two ideas for sweet miniature seaglass Christmas trees. Dark green is made with stacked pieces of sea glass glued on a bottle bottom via Odyssey Seaglass, the other is built around a light bulb, via Pinterest.

seaglass snowman
Or how about a snowman! Featured here.

seaglass Christmas balls
Create a seaglass Christmas ball vignette on stands. Shatterproof balls were used to make these. You can find the tutorial over at HGTV.

seaglass Christmas jar
My seaglass Christmas jar from a previous year.

seaglass garland
Merry Christmas seaglass garland by Art on Hudson.

seaglass Christmas tree photo
And another great seaglass Christmas tree photo, seen here. White Space

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