Driftwood Christmas Decorations | Trees, Ornaments, Sailboats, Stars & more

Driftwood Christmas decorations that give your home a natural beach & seashore vibe. 
Driftwood Garland Christmas Decoration
There are so many Christmas decorations you can make with driftwood. Some decorations only require very few driftwood pieces, some even just one, while for others you need a bunch. A driftwood garland, for example, is made with several small driftwood pieces strung together. 

Driftwood Christmas Garland
Another version of a driftwood garland that is lit with fairy lights seen at Longshore UK. The driftwood pieces are spaced out with shells added as well. You could add red & green beads for a more traditional Christmas look. 

driftwood topiary Christmas trees
Stage a wintry scene with a few simple cone driftwood Christmas trees. You could decorate these trees too or dust them with white paint.

Take your inspiration from this collection of DIY Driftwood Trees. Pick your favorite type and create your Christmas tree!

mini driftwood tree with LED lights
My driftwood Christmas tree with colorful mini LED lights. In stands on a wood black that can be hung on the wall too. Check it out as a Wall Tree.

tall driftwood Christmas tree
This fabulous tall driftwood Christmas tree seen at the DIY Network would be quite a project.

Driftwood Christmas Sign
Prop up a lovely driftwood sign anywhere in your home for the season and write your favorite Christmas saying on it, seen at Main Coastal Cottage on Etsy

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree Topper Craft
Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree Topper with Martha Stewart. You can spruce up a driftwood star tree topper any way you want, or paint it.  

An example of a driftwood star that is painted white which gives it a wintery festive look. Original source is no longer available.

Driftwood Ornaments
Beautiful driftwood Christmas tree ornaments that also include seaglass pieces. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Driftwood Christmas Tree Ornaments
Simple painted driftwood ornaments by Drifties Beach Wood on Etsy. Motifs include fish, trees, snow men, Santas & flamingos. These driftwood ornaments would be easy to make yourself!

Driftwood Sailboat Ornaments
Sail through Christmas with darling driftwood sailboat ornaments, seen at Mermaid Maggi on Etsy. Here's a Christmas Tree Decked out with Driftwood Ornaments

driftwood Christmas boat
Or if you have one of these lovely Driftwood Boats, you can deck it our for Christmas, as seen at The Lettered Cottage.

driftwood reindeers
Use driftwood pieces and small sticks to create a family of reindeers. Via.

driftwood snowman
Turn one piece of driftwood into a cute Christmas decoration, such as a snowman or anything else that the peace inspires. For this driftwood snowman the driftwood was cut on one side to make it stand up nicely.  Seen at Creative Carved Art on Etsy.

driftwood Christmas chandelier
A long peace of driftwood can also make for a festive chandelier type decoration hung with Christmas ornaments. Original source for this cool driftwood Christmas decoration is unknown.

driftwood wreath with Christmas lights
A simple driftwood wreath can be decked out for Christmas in all kinds of ways. For ideas, go to How to Decorate a Driftwood Wreath for the Holidays.

beach christmas table
Lastly, deck out a driftwood branch with ornaments. It makes for a great Holiday Table Centerpiece. Seen here.

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