Christmas Holiday Star Made with Drift Wood Sticks

This DIY Christmas Holiday star is made with drift wood sticks, just like Pottery Barn's Driftwood Star, only this star has a festive twist.

DIY Christmas Holiday star made with drift wood sticks
Silver spray paint adds a festive Christmas Holiday twist to this driftwood star.

how to make Christmas star with wood
Small pieces of drift wood gathered from the shore were glued onto star cutout from a sheet of plywood. First adhere the outer layer of drift wood sticks with hot glue, then build up your Christmas Holiday star from there. When all done and dry, spray with silver paint for a festive look. Or spray on tacky glue and sprinkle on clear Glitter. For all the details, head over to the DIY Network.

Christmas star outside on porch wall
A budget friendly beautiful project. The second Christmas Holiday star was left natural and placed on the front porch.

Christmas holiday star on wall with ribbon
This Christmas Holiday driftwood star dresses up nicely with a ribbon. Seen at Made It.

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