A Merry Seashell Christmas

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Have yourself a very merry seashell Christmas!

Seashell Christmas Decor

After Burlap, Seaglass, and Driftwood, here is a round up of favorite seashell Christmas ideas!

seashell christmas ornament
And I'm loving the simplicity of this Seashell Ball Ornament -filled with just a hand full of small shells! Of all the Simple Seashell Ornaments and Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Filled Ball Ornaments are by far the most popular.

seashells on evergreens
Place your seashells on evergreens. Via My Home Ideas, featured here.

decorating with seashells for Christmas
Tuck your seashells in anywhere! By Tracey Rapisardy.

Christmas with seashells
Shine some Christmas Lights on your Seashells. Via Coastal Living.

seashell Christmas light
Little Christmas tree in my home. Some seashells are perfect to stick over a Christmas light!

seashell wreath Christmas
Make a seashell wreath. Small ornament size like this one made by Tammie posted on Pinterest, or larger, depending on your collection. For inspiration, click here -just add a bow, evergreen and/or lights!

seashell christmas tree
DIY Mini Seashell Trees are a favorite of mine too! Seen here.

seashell gift wrap
Add a touch of beach to gifts with a single shell. Via Coastal Living, featured here.

seashell door wreath
Decorate your Front Door with shells found on the beach. This Non Traditional Seashell Wreath is made in the shape of a narrow snowflake. White Space White Space

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