Handmade Coastal Beach Ornaments from Etsy USA

Celebrate a handmade coastal Christmas with these beautiful ornaments!

Beach Ornaments

These coastal, beach and nautical theme Christmas ornaments handmade by artists and artisans on Etsy are simply adorable. From recycled oyster shell ornaments, to painted ornaments, to wood ornaments, chances are you will fall in love with some of these handmade coastal ornaments. Sold in sets and as single ornaments, you can hang a bunch of them or simply pick one. Or perhaps they inspire you to make your own. Either way, add a little bit of handmade in America to your coastal Christmas holiday.

Painted Seashell Ornaments

Seashell Angel Ornaments

Starfish Ornaments

Beach Sign Tree Ornaments

Handmade Mini Beach Sign Ornaments

Beach Sand Ornaments
Made with real sand and durable as ceramic.

Filled Ball Ornaments with Beach Glass
Made with man tumbled glass pieces.

Snow Flake Sand Ornaments
Choose a beach or your own sand.

Oyster Shell Ornaments Art Painted
Hand collected oysters embellished with paper, paint & sealer.

Seaglass Ornaments

Nautical Mini Buoy Ornaments
Mini buoys that you can paint to your heart's content.

Driftwood Santa Ornaments

Image is printed onto one side.

Blue Glass Float Ornaments

Shop & DIY Ideas

Laser Cut Wood Sea Life Coastal Ornaments
Sold in a set of 2 ornaments of your choice.

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