Super Simple DIY Shell Ornaments

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The Holiday season is a great time to bring out all the shells you have collected and turn them into ornaments. And I love all these super simple ideas! Glue ribbons to the back of the shells and enjoy their natural beauty, or add a little bling. Simple shell ornaments to remind you of sun, sand and beach!

simple DIY shell ornaments
Shell ornaments with bling in form a little glitter, hanging on cords that are hot glued to the back of the shells to create a loop. Via JoAnn.

glue ribbon to shell to make ornament
Here red ribbons are glued to the shells.

add sparkle to shells
You can also Drill Shells, but it's not necessary. Another way to make your shell ornaments sparkle is to decorate the edges. Use metallic paint or glitter! By The Space Between.

add beads to shells
Or add a few beads to your shells, like Alicia Burke.

oyster shell ornament
A gold leaf trim and pearls enhance oyster shells. Available at By The Seashore Decor.

simple shell ornaments
Simple shell ornaments by Beachcomber. Love how they all hang from a driftwood branch!

how to hang shells
Or glue on simple rope hangers. Seen here. For more ideas, browse all Ornaments!

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