How to Drill Shells

Do you want to hang shells? Make Seashell Ornaments or a Shell Garland, for example? Then you need to know how to drill holes in shells.

drill holes in shells

If you are serious about drilling holes in shells, then the Dremel tool is your friend. It's a small speedy and very handy plug-in drill that's easy to work with.

drill shells
For the sturdy quahog shell I used a regular drill bit to make the two holes. For the thin shell, I chose a tiny drill bit. Push slightly down on the shell, but be careful not to crack it. Start with a test shell to get the feel for it.

dremel drill bits for shells
This was my test shell. You see a close up of the drill bit I used on the right. If you want to make the hole larger, the grinding bit (on the left) works great.

dremel tool
Here's a glimpse into the Dremel tool kit.

wearing safety mask
And just to be safe, wear a safety mask and glasses. An ancient no drill technique: grind down an area on the shell with a rock until thin enough to puncture a hole. I tried it, but wasn't patient enough to see it through.

shell bottle necklace
The small shell is now a bottle necklace.

handmade shell ornament
And the large shell makes a cute accent for the curtain.

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