How to Decorate with a Seashell Garland or Multiple Shell Garlands

String your collected seashells into a garland and you have a beautiful decor accent for your home. 

Sea Shell Garland Decorating Ideas
A seashell garland can be used as a personal decor accent in a variety of ways. You can hang or drape a single sea shell garland or create a stunning display of shells with multiple garlands. Here are some great ideas for inspiration. 

Seashell Garland Idea with Beads

If you don't want to drill your shells to make a garland, you can use a strong glue such as clear Gorilla glue to attach the shells to a yarn or thin rope. 

Shell Garland Ideas

This shell garland idea shows another way how you can decorate, using a Thick Rope from which to hang the shells. This works very well in this application and makes for a lovely accent on the molding. 

Shell Garland Decor

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How to Drape Shell Garland over Chandelier
Shell garland adorned dining room chandelier featured on How to Make a Small Coastal Home Feel Spacious. You can turn any inexpensive Chandelier into a fun beachy light fixture with spray paint and a shell garland.