DIY Shell Chandeliers

Use your collected shells to create a beautiful shell chandelier.

DIY Shell Chandelier
A chandelier that's completely encrusted with oyster shells seen HERE. The candle sleeves are covered with crushed shell dust, and after all the oysters were glued on, glue was brushed on the exposed surface areas of the fixture and dusted with crushed oyster shells as well.

DIY Oyster Chandelier
For this oyster chandelier (original source no longer available) the oyster shells were linked together and then connected to the fixture using additional wire. It is easiest to do this while the chandelier is already hanging, using a ladder. Instead of oysters, you can use any type of shells. Also, be aware that the shells are going to add significant weight to the fixture. Learn how to Drill Holes in Shells!

beach shell chandelier
Shell chandelier featured on DIY Beach Chandeliers where you can get inspired by all kinds of ideas, including driftwood, seaglass, rope, even a fish net chandelier idea.

Oyster Chandelier Tutorial
Another DIY oyster shell chandelier made from a vintage metal lamp shade frame. Oyster shells were drilled, and strung on the frame, using craft wire. Original source no longer available.

DIY Shell Chandelier in the Bedroom
Shell chandelier in a  Prince Edward Island Cottage. An old chandelier was spray painted white, then embellished with shells.

DIY Seashell Chandelier
This stunning DIY shell chandelier looks like an elaborate project. Featured here

Fully decked out seashell chandelier above the dining room table. Original source no longer available. Featured on Blue Coastal Beach Table Settings

Shell and Rope Chandelier DIY
And a Shell Chandelier Makeover that includes a rope wrap.

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