Charming DIY Coastal Beach Candle Lanterns

Bring ambiance and romance to your outdoor summer space and Alfresco dining table with beachy  candle lanterns.

Pottery Barn DIY Candle Lantern with Rope
Large Candle Lanterns with Rope inspired by Pottery Barns Hyannis Lanterns.

DIY Beach Candle Lanterns that show a rope wrap and a shell top.

Rope Hanging Lanterns with Pulleys
An outdoor oasis with lanterns hanging on nautical vintage pulleys gathered from garage sales. To learn more, click here. This idea was inspired by a Pottery Barn product shot of their Outdoor Lanterns.

Paint old Lantern and Fill with Beach Finds
A lantern paint makeover by Boxers, Cleats, and Me, featured here.

How to Build a Coastal Lantern
This Beach Lantern is built from scratch!

Hanging Mason Jar Beach Lanterns
Beachy Hanging Jar Lanterns by Creating Wonderful Spaces.

Tin Can Beach Lanterns
And to create this look from Nordic House UK, use cans and hammer holes in them, then paint them to match your patio color scheme! The easy way to do this, fill the cans with water and freeze them.

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