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Transform ordinary bottles into nautical gems with these rope net bottle ideas and tutorial! Rope bottles exude such seafaring charm. They make great vases and take on a beachy attitude if you fill them with sand, crushed shells and small beach finds. Or how about turning a rope net bottle into a chic nautical table lamp!

rope net bottles from Ballard
A few years back, Ballard had these great demijohn vessels in their catalog. Remember?

bottle lamp kit
You can easily convert any bottle or jug into a table lamp with a Lamp Bottle Kit. The cord is on the outside, but you can hide it behind the base.

glass bottle table lamps
Seen at My Home Ideas.

Rope Net Lamps from Caron's Beach House. These are Fillable Lamps!

blue rope net bottle
A gorgeous aqua blue Rope Net Bottle , also from Caron's Beach House.

glass bottles with netting
These cute mini bottles are sold at Big Lots.

decorated glass bottles
An attractive set of net bottles seen at Zulily. They're sold out though.

wine bottle wrapped with rope
And here's how you do the rope wrap. It's similar to the fabulous glass float inspired Rope Lamp from last month! Since I found this on a blog that's no longer active, I'm posting the full tutorial here.

how to knot net around bottle
You need a bottle and some rope/jute. Tie a rope ring around the neck of the bottle. Cut six pieces of rope, each of them about three times the height of your bottle. Start with one loop, then tie all six pieces of rope evenly around the original loop. Take two pieces and knot them together as shown. Continue around the bottle until you get to the bottom. Make another rope ring for the bottom of the bottle (about half the size of the bottom), then tie all the pieces to it, using the same knot as earlier and trim all extra jute. I'm going to try this for sure!

hanging bottle vases
You could even use your Rope net bottles as hanging vases! It is similiar to the DIY hanging cylinder vase featured on JoAnn Crafts. Original source unknown.

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Caron's Beach House said...

Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing our vase - did you see these cool net lamps? The tops do come off so that you could add your own beach treasures too.

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