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Beautiful demijohn style vases grace many nautical as well as coastal theme homes. Here are some demijohn decorating ideas and sources where to buy them.

Demijohns are large teardrop shaped glass vessels with small necks, once used to store wine and other liquids. Their shape has inspired many glass vases that have become popular in home decor. Demijohn style glass vases usually have a greenish tint to them which varies in color. Some are light green while others are really dark. Other demijohns are clear glass, and you might also find some that are bright blue.

Decorating Ideas with Demijohn Vases

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Many Demijohn style glass vases are large enough to be used as floor vases. 

Nautical Home of Designer Tara Dennis

Antique or vintage Demijohns are also very popular choice when decorating nautical style, especially when  you want your home to reflect the long seafaring history of the coast.

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Demijohn Coffee Table Decor Idea
A grouping of demijohn style bottle vases add a splash of ocean to the coffee table.

Large Green Demijohn Bottles

And to give your demijohn bottle vase an extra nod to nautical, wrap it in a rope net. Featured on Rope Net Bottle Ideas. Image: Cameo Cottage.