A Modern Beach House with Vintage Collections

This modern beach house impressed me with it's fabulous vintage collections and stunning driftwood pieces.

modern beach house
The Sunburst Mirror Made with Driftwood. is a striking focal point above the fireplace in this modern home, featured at BHG.

vintage globe collection
Vintage Globes sit on top of a beautiful Glass Display Cabinet. And the driftwood pieces complement this modern chic room beautifully, bringing organic textures to the space.

shell collection in bowl
Next to the lamp sits a basket-like pottery bowl with gathered shells.

seashell hook
Attention to detail. A simple photo canvas hangs from a seashell hook.

vintage map of Cape Cod
A vintage map of Cape Cod.

tiki theme sunroom
The sunroom sports a classy tiki room theme. It looks fresh and uncluttered.

coastal travel trivets
Ceramic travel trivets sit on the trunk table.

vintage hula girls collection
And another vintage collection. Hula girls in shadow boxes placed above a rattan bookcase.

picture grouping on wall
A paint-by-number seascape collection, bought for a few dollars a piece in thrift shops and online auctions, featured here: How to Hang a Picture Grouping.

rattan dining room table
A little bit of tiki in the dining room with a 1940s rattan dining table.

driftwood shell mobile
And this lovely mobile made from driftwood and shells dangles from the ceiling on the front porch.

modern beach house
Located just south of Boston, not far from where I live, it's a good thing that I don't know the address of this Modern Beach House, or I'd be stalking it in real life.