Recycled Sea Glass Style Countertop Ideas for Kitchen & Bath Vanity by Vetrazzo

If you love seaglass, get the seaglass look for your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity.

Recycled Sea Glass Countertop Ideas for Kitchen and Bath

Vetrazzo's recycled sea glass style kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops capture all the gorgeous Seaside Colors we love. Shades of blues, turquoise, teal, seafoam, and other delicious hues. The countertops are crafted from recycled architectural glass and are available in a variety of styles, such as Floating Blue, Emerald Coast, and Bretagne Blue. And they are all made in America.

Blue Glass Countertop
Vetrazzo's Floating Blue recycled glass countertop. Via Instagram.

The Floating Blue recycled glass kitchen countertop really sparkles and gives the entire space an oceanic feel.

Vetrazzo's recycled glass countertops are comparable to granite in strength, scratch and heat resistance, and price.

Vetrazzo Glass Countertops for Coastal Homes
Close up of the Floating Blue kitchen countertop.

Sea Glass Style Kitchen Island Countertop Idea Coastal Kitchens

In the Emerald Coast glass countertop you sea a lot of beautiful sea greens. This sea glass style countertop also includes recycled South Carolina oyster shells. Via David Weekley Homes.

The Bretagne Blue kitchen glass countertop in a beach cottage by Cortney Bishop Design.

Seaglass Countertops
Another gorgeous coastal kitchen with a sea glass style countertop by designer Lindsey Cheek of Gathered.

Ocean Colors Glass Countertops
Recycled glass countertops that capture the hues of the sea. Via Instagram.

Blue and White Kitchen with Recycled Glass Countertop Island
Recycled glass countertop island in a blue and white kitchen by Karen B Wolf Interiors.

These sea glass style countertops look just as gorgeous in bathrooms. Seen in a Florida home by Geoff Chick

The Emerald Coast glass countertop on a vanity by Castle.

Sea Glass Novelty Knobs