Shadow Box Ideas for your Seashell Collection

These simple and beautiful seashell shadow box ideas are for everyone who has a generous seashell collection.

Display your Seashell Collection in a shadow box for a compelling look. You can fill up the entire shadow box frame with your beautiful seashells or fill up the shadow box only partially, either way it is a great way to showcase your shells. Plus shadow boxes are also self standing, so you can place it on a shelf or on a cabinet, for example.

Seashell Collection in Shadow Box
Small shadow box frame with seashell collection hung on the wall, seen at Schmunzelbiene

A grouping of several small seashell shadow boxes would look stunning too. You could use them for Beach Memory Keeping and fill each box with shells from a different beach.

Simple Sea Shell Shadow Box Ideas
Shadow box filled with smaller shells seen at Lovely etc. where you can find a few tips on how to load the frame.

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How to Frame Shells in a Shadow Box
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To fill a Shadow Box frame with seashells can be done in a variety of ways. Here you see an asymetrical display paired with a rustic jute cloth as a background.

Shell Art Shadow Box Idea

Top Load Deep Shadow Box with Quote

Simple Seashell Shadow Boxes
To customize your shell display and paint the box, get an unfinished wood shadow box. Also, you might want to consider a top loading shadow box for ease of use.

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Shadow Box Frame Ideas for Seashells

Ideas How to Display Shells in a Shadow Box Frame
If you only have a hand full of shells, no problem. You can start your shadow box display and add more shells later if you wish. Perhaps add a little sand on the bottom. You could also Write Something on the Glass, a Favorite Beach Saying, for example. Also see Beach Diorama Boxes. Original source no longer available.

Top Load Sea Shell Shadow Box

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