Beach & Shell Decor Ideas with Printer Trays

Display your beach finds and seashells in a great printer tray!

Seashell Printer Tray How To Tutorial Beach Memories Idea
Seashell printer tray idea and tutorial by Blesserhouse, using a Vintage Printer Tray from Etsy.

Similar to Shadow Boxes, printer trays and cubby organizers are perfect for memory keeping. The many small compartments are great mini frames to showcase shells, beach finds, and any small objects that hold beach vacation memories. Here are some examples of antique printer trays with Beach & Coastal Collections, as well a cubby organizers and boxes.

You can Style your Coffee Table Coastal by casually placing a printer tray with shells on it. Seen at Alfresco Emporium on Instagram

Antique Printer Tray Shell Wall Decor Ideas
Shells are on display in an antique printer tray, featured on Inspiring Beach Printer Trays.

Antique Printer Tray Ideas with Shells
A closer look of beach memories on display in an antique printer tray, also featured on Inspiring Beach Printer Trays.

Printer Tray Wall Decor Ideas
A wall hung printer tray with seashells greets you in this Scandi style coastal home featured at Ideal Home.

display seashells in the bathroom with printer tray
Bring some of your beach finds to the Bathroom with a small tray.

display seashells in bedroom
A printer tray with a Seashell Collection has found a cool spot on the bed end table. You can tour this home here.

printer tray wall decor in a key west cottage
A printer tray wall decor idea from a colorful Key West cottage, featured at Coastal Living.

seashell decor with vintage printer tray
Displays of vintage printer trays on Beach Cottage Style Decorating. Even high up on the wall this tray makes an impression.

antique printer trays with seashells
Beach memories and seashells were attached with glue and float within the compartments.

India Hicks printer tray seashell decor idea
Printer tray is surrounded by photos. Seen in the home of India Hicks.