Cubby Organizers for Shells and Beach Memories

How to use cubbies to organize and display your shells and beach memories.

Similar to those Wonderful Printer Trays, cubbies are great organizers for your Seashell Collections, sea treasures and beach memories -and they give you more space than printer trays! The compartments of cubby organizers are larger and deeper which allows for bigger shells and objects to be put on display. Here are a few examples of how to use cubby organizers for your beach collections. Plus things you can turn into a cubby organizers, such as drawers and wood boxes!

Two cubby organizers are hung on the wall side by side to create an eye-catching focal point Above the Bed.

ShadowboxCrafty Nest turned an old wood drawer into a cubby organizer. To change a drawer into a display tray is a very doable project. You could even leave the drawer pull attached!

Display BoxHere a vintage Schweppes wood bottle crate is re-purposed into a cubby organizer.