2 Furniture Makeovers with Octopus Motif

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Two fabulous furniture makeovers with the octopus motif!

Nautical Nightstand
Massachusetts Artist Will Means gives old furniture a bold new personality. At The Hive, the gallery where his work is sold, the transformation of this piece is humorously described as follows: Find a solidly constructed antique nightstand, strip that sucker down to bare wood, draw a cool (albeit slightly angry) octopus and transfer to a Frisket. Then stain, mask, paint, lacquer, line the drawers, and attach hardware.

Painted Nightstand
I just adore this nautical nightstand with the Octopus!

Chair Before
This Chair Makeover involves paint too, high gloss black for the frame, but the octopus was found in a cool modern Nautical Fabric by Duralee.

Octopus Fabric Chair
Love it! White Space White Space

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