11 Coastal Coffee Table Styling Ideas & Decor Inspiration

Style your Coffee Table coastal with these decor ideas.

Coastal Coffee Table Styling Decor Ideas

Here is a selection of coastal coffee table styling ideas that are simple, stylish and that don't overcrowd the table.

Coastal Coffee Table Styling with Trays

Coastal coffee table styling using trays is a favorite. It's a concise portable coastal vignette! If you love this idea, make sure to check out Styling Trays Coastal. A tray anchors a decorative vignette and should you need the room on your coffee table you can move it someplace else. 

Tray Styling for Coffee Table

Coffee Table Top Decor with Coastal Beach Tray

 Basket Trays remind of dune grasses, so they tie in beautifully with the beach theme.

Coffee Table Decor Styling Ideas Coastal Theme

A coffee table styling idea that is color cohesive in a Blue Palette. To have stacked Coastal Books or magazines on your coffee table is a lovely way to celebrate coastal style. Books also provide an elevated platform for other items such as a planter and shells as you see in this cottage. A large bowl of collected Seaglass (or Seashell Collection) and a Vase with Palm Fronds make for bold statement pieces.  

Using a Clam Shell Bowl to hold a Shell Collection doubles up on the shell theme in a stylish fashion.

Coral on Coffee Table Coffee Tabletop Decorative Objects

Make a large faux coral sculpture the focal point on your coffee table. Do it as seen in the image above and place the coral on a book to give it a stand.   

Decor Ideas & Shop

Coastal Coffee Table Styling

Flowers, book, and of course, candles are all great decor ideas for your coffee table. There are so many ways you can go beachy with candles too. For ideas and shopping sources, check out these 31 Coastal Beach Candle Ideas. And a Block Sign that Speaks to You!

Nautical Coffee Table Styling Decor Ideas

A Rope Wrapped Vase sits on a stack of books flanked by Rope Handle Candle Lanterns.

Another example of styling a coffee table with candles. Here you see a trio of Pillar Candles in Glass Vases filled with beach sand. And again the classic style element of stacked books topped with flowers.

Coastal Coffee Table Stylin

Styling a coffee table with a coastal theme can be picking just one coastal item and make it the star, such as a luminous Glass Float as we see in this living room.

All these coastal coffee table decor & styling ideas are so easy to create and you might already have everything you need to arrange a beautiful balanced setting. So shop your home and start styling!