28 Blue Living Room Design & Decor Ideas with a Coastal Theme

Beautiful oceanic blue living room design ideas with a coastal theme.

These blue living room ideas show the many ways the sea can be represented in the home. As we know, the ocean displays a variety of blue color ranges, and the blues you pick to design your coastal living room will depend on the mood or color you love the most. Is it the sparkling blues of a sunny summer day, the near-shore waters that can reflect a range of clear blue to greenish blues, or the darker blues in deeper waters? If you want a serene neutral ambiance you might choose to keep the room in one even blue color tone, if you want to insert some energy into the space you might use several shades of blue that contrast each other. And last but not least, you have to decide how much blue you want to see in your coastal living room. While some coastal blue living rooms featured here are saturated with blue, others use the color blue against a neutral palette such as white or beige. Use these inspirational ocean blue living room design ideas to get your creativity flowing.

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Coastal Living Room Aqua Blue Color Palette

Coastal Blue Painted Walls and Ceiling Living Room Recreation Space

Blue Nautical Living Room Idea

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