Ceiling Fan Ideas for Coastal Style Living | Tropical & Nautical Ceiling Fans

Keep it breezy with a coastal style ceiling fan. 

Coastal Ceiling Fans with Natural Palm Blades
While understated ceiling fans work for many rooms and design styles, you might want to consider a ceiling fan with a coastal twist! Here are some coastal theme spaces showing ceiling fans that create a feeling of ocean breezes. You'll find tropical palm leaf designs, ceiling fans with wicker blades, and nautical ceiling fan ideas. Some fans are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations; with and without lighting. Ceiling fan blades are often sold separately and available in different designs and/or colors. You might be able to just update an existing ceiling fan with new coastal style blades.

Palm Ceiling Fan Ideas for Coastal Living

Tropical inspired ceiling fan with 5 natural palm leaf blades.

Tropical Ceiling Fans

Available in white, blue and khaki.

Comes in 3 different finishes.

Nautical Inspired Ceiling Fan Porch

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