Coastal Porch Paint Ideas | Ceiling, Floor & More

Indulge in coastal colors on your porch. These paint ideas show you how.

If you have a porch, or a sun room, make the best out of it, starting with a great color scheme. Blue is the most popular paint color when it comes to painting your porch.

Blue Sea Green Paint Color Ideas

Blue Painted Porch Ceiling Coastal Home

In parts of the South is has been a tradition to paint the ceiling of the porch in a soft blue color. It is believed that the blue painted porch ceiling keeps spiders and other insects from building webs and nests because they mistake the blue ceiling for the sky. And it is also said that the blue ceiling wards off restless spirits. Either way, a coastal porch paint in a lovely blue or Seaglass hue gives a covered porch a breezy relaxing summer feel.

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Meredith McBrearty

Another coastal porch paint idea for the ceiling. A very soft blue is used on this porch that overlooks the ocean.

Wood Porch Floor Painted Blue Turquoise
Besides the ceiling, in this Florida cottage the wood floors as well as the top of the railing are also painted, even the window frames. Original source unknown.

Coastal Porch Paint Ideas in Blue

As yourself, what area of your porch could you paint to make it more inviting and relaxing?

Yellow Porch Paint Idea

Although blue is the most popular color used to paint a porch, a sunny yellow can be very cheerful and refreshing. As seen in this SW Florida home located on Marco Island. It all depends on the porch you have and the feeling you want.