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Timeless blue and white stripes have an inherent coastal and summer vibe.

Part of The Coastal Decor Scheme is to create an eternal summer feeling, whether you live near the coast or simply love the style, since summer for many means going to the beach. Particularly cabana and awning stripes remind of sunny summer days by the sea. But count in other stripes as well if you aim for a more subtle look, and mixed stripes if you like it more varied. Check out the 7 common types of stripes below!

You can add a little or a lot of classic blue and white stripes to your home. Toss a few striped pillows to change things up for the summer season or lay a large striped area rug if you want the style year round -and anything in between. Here are a few great examples of summer stripe decor with links to more ideas and shopping.

Types of Blue and White Stripes Home Design Decor
7 Common Types of Stripes: 

Cabana Stripes:
These stripes are bold and broad, reminiscent of beach cabanas, hence the name.

Awning Stripes:
Awning stripes give a more refined and classic look compared to the casual cabana stripes. They are often seen on outdoor awnings.  

Ticking Stripes: 
Ticking refers to a sturdy cotton or linen fabric, typically featuring narrow vertical blue and white stripes.  

Seersucker Stripes: 
Seersucker fabric typically features a striped pattern with alternating puckered and flat sections, creating a textured effect. 

Breton Stripes: 
Also known as French sailor stripes, these are characterized by narrow horizontal blue and white stripes. Originating from Brittany, France, they were historically worn by French sailors and later became popular in mainstream fashion. 

Pin Stripes: 
These are very thin vertical stripes. While they can come in various colors, blue and white pin stripes are quite common and offer a classic look. 

Candy Stripes: 
Candy stripes feature broader, bolder stripes that alternate between blue and white. They often evoke a playful and cheerful vibe.
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Coastal Summer Stripes Decorating Ideas