Aqua & Turquoise Blue & White Striped Rugs for Coastal Style Living

Timeless light blue striped rugs with a breezy beach vibe in hues of aqua, turquoise and other light shades of blue.

Light Blue Striped Rugs Decor Ideas
Cabana style stripes are a classic print to bring an endless summer feel to your home. Light blue hues such as aqua, turquoise, teal, sea green, and pastel blues give a room an airy oceanic vibe. For rich blues, check out this post: Navy Blue & White Striped Area Rug Ideas.

Pastel Blue Cabana Striped Rug Ideas

Teal Striped Rug

Aqua Blue White Striped Area Rug Bedroom

Light Blue Striped Rugs

Coastal Blue Chevron Rug

While light aqua and turquoise blue and sea foam green cabana stripes are some of the classiest area Rugs for Coastal Beach Style Living, Chevron stripes are suitable as well if chosen in light and breezy blue hues. They add some motion with their V-shaped pattern.