Bold Wall Designs in a Florida Beach House

This Florida beach house surprises with bold wall designs. The decor theme is beachy with driftwood grays, blue furnishings & colorful art.

blue beach house decor
In the dining room, decorative wall panels frame oversized letters that spell out beach house, making for a Striking Coastal Accent Wall. All the walls are panelled with wood that resembles the smooth weathered look of driftwood. And a coral inspired chandelier hangs over the dining room table.

beach house dining room
On the opposite wall, bright Tropical Colors cheer up the room. The Driftwood Look is throughout and continues into the kitchen.

bold blue decor
I've always liked wall designs with built in shelving. They're a great architectural feature with lots of creative possibilities. From Painting the Back to beautifully orchestrated displays. Not to mention all the storage they provide. The tropical bird theme is fun.

blue beach house kitchen
More bold wall accents in the kitchen. Fresh blues and whites that remind of Ocean and Seaglass. Perfect for a beach house! To view the entire home, head over to Village Architects.