Dress up a Chair with Decoupage

Dress up a chair with decoupage and have it as an Artsy Accent Chair somewhere in the home.

map decoupage chair
For a cool coastal themed decoupage chair use a Map that shows the sea, or any beach or nautical design you love. Here is an example of a map chair.

how to decoupage a chairThen this chair is covered with a vintage poster, featured at Better Homes and Gardens with detailed step by step tutorial. First you make a template to find the section you want for the chair. One good tip they mention is to avoid decoupaging with thin paper, such as newsprint or rice paper, because it wrinkles. If you have a design you love that’s on thin paper, take it to the copy store for laser printing.

decoupage chair with posterThey simply paint household glue (such as Elmer’s) over the entire surface. Make sure that the glue is still wet when the paper is positioned.

beach theme chairSubmerge the paper in water. This will make it easier to mold the paper to the chair.

chair decoupage tutorialOnce the picture is aligned, flatten it, working outward from the center. Make sure to keep your hands wet or the paper will tear. Last step, seal the chair with a few coats of acrylic polyurethane. You could also decoupage a chair with a composition of different images. A sea life or shell themed chair would look great, for example.