Nautical Nostalgia in a Coastal Home with Shipwheels

The whole theme of this nautical home started with a collection of antique shipwheels that evoked memories of the Nantucket beach cottage in the 1971 movie Summer of 42.

exterior decor with shipwheel
The shipwheel that graces the Exterior of the home, located in Seaside FL, hints to what you find inside.

shipwheel on wall
Fabulous antique shipwheels decorate the walls.

nautical home in brown
While most homes in Seaside boast pastels, this coastal home is filled with browns to evoke a timeworn appeal resembling the movie house.

anchor motif for the home
The anchor motif is also incorporated into the fireplace mantel, molded with the same material as the fireplace itself, a mixture of sand, lime, ash, and oyster shells.

nautical theme kitchen
The Nautical Theme permeates every room.

plank walls for rustic cottage look
Throughout the home plank walls were used to make the interior look like the body of an Old Ship.

nautical home by designer Toby West
To see more of this nautical home, head over to Talk of House.

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