How to Make a Driftwood Table Lamp | Recycling Lamps

Recycle an old lamp into a driftwood table lamp with these 3 ideas!

How to Recycle Table Lamps
This driftwood table lamp was made by stacking Driftwood Pieces onto the lamp post -a pretty cool recycle of a table lamp. You can learn all about it at Just Call Me Home Girl.

make driftwood table lamp
All you need to make this fabulous driftwood table lamp is a bunch of driftwood sticks and floral wire. Oh, and of course you'll need a lamp. But you might already have a table lamp that could use a makeover! It's a beautiful sculptural piece, similar to this Driftwood Jar Vase.

driftwood table lamp
This is the type of lamp used for the project. And next to it is the inspiration Driftwood Lamp. For all the details, head over to Sweet Something Designs.

driftwood table lamp
To make a driftwood table lamp like this, you just need to find the perfect driftwood piece! Linda of Coastal Charm used a simple lamp base and a lamp rod that goes all the way through (threaded on top to hold the socket). This way the cord comes out at the base which of course is perfect. But if your driftwood securely stands on its own, you could also just drill a couple inches in and tightly insert a shorter rod and use a socket with the wire coming out of it. Not as clean looking (since you see the wire coming down), but much easier to do. Brighten your day with an easy to make driftwood table lamp.