Awesome Driftwood Lamps

Natural, sculptural, intriguing driftwood lamps.

Driftwood Table Lamp

You have seen DIY Driftwood Table Lamps and a DIY Driftwood Floor Lamp made from collected driftwood. This selection of driftwood lamps are some favorites from online stores.

simple driftwood table lamp

Pottery Barn Driftwood Lamp

Find a variety of driftwood lamps, including stacked driftwood table lamp, white driftwood block table lamp and others.

large driftwood orb chandelier

Made from a wrought iron, covered with driftwood pieces that are wired to the framwork.

Drift Wood Base Table Lamp

White Driftwood Table Lamp

silver driftwood table lamp

funky driftwood lamp

custom made driftwood floor lamp

Made in USA from Maine driftwood. Can be custom made for you.