DIY Lamp -Tripod Floor Lamp with Drift Wood Branches

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Here's an awesome low cost nature DIY lamp that you can make in half a day.

diy lamp
It's a diy lamp made from drift wood branches. And I'm in love with it! It feels so special and beachy. I'm a huge fan of driftwood and I've had this project on my mind for a while now and finally we went out and gathered the wood along the shoreline, not far from where we live.

driftwood on the shore
There! I climbed over the wall and collected two pieces that were perfect to make a tripod floor lamp. Keep in mind that you can make this lamp any size you want. A tripod table lamp would look pretty great too.

DIY Lamp Base:

floor lamp tutorial
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the two branches separately. The one to the front is the main branch. It is straight on top and forks into two legs. There is no formula here, you just figure out how to make the tripod work. Clamp the branches together when they are in different position to make sure you like it visually.

making a tripod floor lamp with wood
Then screw the branches together. We cut the top and the legs until we liked the overall height and how the lamp stood.

DIY Lamp Light Fixture:

lamp tutorial
Now the actual DIY lamp tutorial for the light fixture. This is the hardware you'll need to make the lamp, plus the cord of course. You should be able to find the parts at your local hardware store.

diy lamp tutorial
We drilled a hole for the threaded rod that holds the socket and a horizontal hole to pull the cord through. We opted to add some hot glue around the hole, but you can try for a press fit.

lamp assembly wiring
Then we assembled the lamp parts. You'll also need a lock nut to tighten the harp.

wiring lamp tutorial
Then we attached the two stripped cord ends to the terminal screws of the socket. The socket we ended up using includes the switch. But you could get a cord with an inline switch too.

floor lamp tutorial
Last step. Hide the cord! We simply hot glued the wire along one leg.

driftwood tripod floor lamp
I think a sculptural nature tripod floor lamp like this complements many decor styles!
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Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Your new lamp is completely charming. Thanks for a really helpful tutorial. I'll be on the lookout for some long driftwood pieces.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That is very cool! I would have trouble getting it all the same height but it sure looks neat in this room! Enjoy your day, my friend! ♥

Loui♥ said...

the lamp is so simple..
yet so very stunning!!
Love it!!
very familiar with the area of Tiverton..
live at Ft. Adams housing for three years!!
the entire area is just delightful..
perfect for beach combing..
and making memories for a lifetime!!
warmest hugs..

Everything Coastal said...

Good Morning! Am such an admirer of your creative talent -


Beach Coast Style said...

oh my goodness! this is just fabulous! I love this lamp, what a neat idea! I can see some great reading and relaxing by that lamp.

Sheer Serendipity said...

What a great lamp! You make it look so easy… My head is spinning thinking about all the driftwood I have and the lamps I can make! Thanks for sharing!

Della said...

Neat lamp! If I find long pieces of driftwood I'll know what to do with them now!

Judy at Just Beachy said...

Amazing timing. Just yesterday we walked on the beach in search of driftwood for a lamp. With chain saw in hand, we found some wonderful big, swirly chunks that are perfect for a table lamp. But where to begin? Thanks to you, we've got some great information that will be a huge help. Thanks so much.

Jessica said...

I love the natural wood element! I'm always looking for ways to bring the outside in. Thanks for sharing!

michelle said...

That turned out beautiful, I love it!! I love your room too, what a great place to sit and read and ponder life while looking out the window. :)

Tricia Rose said...

I was wondering how you would cope with the cord: brilliant! I'm going to do one now, hope it turns out half as well Maya.

An Island Mom said...

Great tutorial. I have a small collection of driftwood that's washed up in front of our house. My pieces are mostly shorter than yours, but now I'm brainstorming about how to possibly adjust this to make a table lamp.

Rose West said...

You make this look easy! I really like the driftwood look.

Andrea said...

Hello, i am new here just followed your comment at Outdoor Wednesday. Your blog is really very inspiring. That lamp above is beautiful. I am browsing now on all your DIY posts.

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Hi Maya,
I am in LoVe with your diy tripod-floor lamp!
How very clever & coastal!
Thank you for sharing.

Desire Empire said...

Such a fantastic result. It looks amazing. Ya gotta love driftwood.

Here to a wonderful 2012 for you !!!
Carolyn xx

DLibby said...

I just may try that!!

Lili said...

That turned out so beautiful, such a graceful sculptural form! Great tutorial too, by the way. ~Lili

Wax Beach Artist said...

That lamp is wonderful! Unfortunately we don't get much driftwood floating up on Pensacola Beach but if we did I would be all over it!

Vanessa said...

You are a genius! I love this idea. Found your lovely blog on HomeTalk.


Pirate Life said...

I wish I had the talent to make something. I basically am very good at shopping. The lamp is a very bright idea

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