5 Easy Creative Ideas for any Room in your Home that Needs a Change

Creative ideas that you can use for any room that needs a change. Shop or DIY.

Focal Point Furniture:
Get a unique piece of coastal theme furniture or make over something you already have. Think paint, decoupage, decorative pulls, new upholstery.

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Painted and Upholstered Old Telephone Desk
Paint a Dresser Blue
Decoupage a Furniture Piece Nautical
Upholster Something with Beach and Nautical Fabric
Upholstered with Red Lobster Fabric
Upholsterd Wood Bar Stools
Rope Table on My List of Nautical Luxury Decor Items

photo wall collage
Art Smart:
Make your own stunning piece of art for little money. 

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Photo Wall Collage on Beach Dune Fence
A Pretty Pallet Project
Frame a Shell
Large Driftwood Art
Make the Driftwood Star from Pottery Barn
Make Your Own Canvas Artwork
Beach Subway Art
Free Printable Art Pictures of Sea Animals
The Octopus Triptych -A DIY Art Project Idea
Create Your Own Sand Writing Picture
Make a Beach Collage with Shells, Sand and more
Make a Keepsake Memory Shadow Box
Art with Sayings, Quotes and Words Inspired by the Sea

large sunburst mirror over fireplace
Mirror Mirror on the Wall:
Make a statement with a coastal sea inspired mirror. 
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Sunburst Mirrors Made with Driftwood
DIY Driftwood Sunburst Mirror
Make a Scallop Shell Mirror
My Round Shell Mirror -A Simple Tutorial
Shell Frame Tutorial by Nate Berkus
Making the Oyster Shell Mirror from Wisteria
Inspirational Rope Mirror on Show me the Ropes
Decorative Custom Mirrors

Linda Rodin NYC apartment
Creative Collections:
Chances are you are collecting something. Sea treasures being the most obvious, but there are other things too. To make your collection shine it needs to be organized. Click on the links below to get some great ideas how to display your collections. 
A Seashell Lovers New York City Apartment
One Woman's Seashell Collection
Collecting Decorative Lighthouses
Wall Sconce Shelves to Display Collections
Sea Fan & Shell Collection at Ali Wentworth's
Shell Display at Coquillage Cottage
Shadow Boxes for Beach Rocks and Shells
Stunning Shadow Display Boxes
Decor Ideas for Glass Floats
Glass Display Coffee Tables
Sea Life Displays Inspired by the Natural History Museum
A Paint by Numbers Art Collection and How to Hang It

Create a Wow Wall:
There are many ways how you can create a coastal wow factor. 
Be it with things sculptural or picture based.

Giant Clam Shells Everywhere
Nautical Decor Inspiration -Loving Life at Sea
Large Memo Board by Eddie Ross
A Bow Maiden in a Coastal Home on the Jersey Shore
Chic Bedrooms -15 Nautical Design Ideas
Going Wild with Wallpaper in the Bathroom
Shell Covered Walls
Ocean Murals
Put Your Photos on Canvas
Super Easy DIY Headboard Ideas
Display Ideas for Model Yachts

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