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Nautical Decor Inspiration -Loving Life at Sea

If you love boating, sailing or cruising on a luxury liner, then bring some of it to your home with nautical decor!

nautical fireplace mantel
Nautical Decor is all about expressing your love for life at sea, taking inspiration from items found on ships and using decorations that capture the spirit of cruising the high seas. Via Pinterest.

nautical decor in entryway
A stylish nautical Entryway that welcomes you with a Rope Railing Staircase (more Nautical Rope Decor Ideas), Nautical Cleats, as well as brass lighting fixtures and Porthole Inspired Mirrors.

nautical bar table
A nod to nautical with a one of a kind recycled boat side table made by Nauticals of Marblehead. Another creative recycling idea -turn a small boat into a Glass Coffee Table.

nautical kitchen
A lovely Cottage Kitchen. Nautical decor items include a brass lantern and Nantucket Baskets on a shelf, and a clever porthole window in the door.

model yacht and oars for windows
A large beautiful Model Yacht and Wooden Oars make these windows truly seaworthy. Via Coastal Living.

Then, find out the secret to creating a Chic Nautical Bedroom -16 Nautical Design Ideas to explore! Via Elle Decor.

nautical charts
Nautical charts artfully grouped around an authentic ship wheel are the focal point of this hallway.

nautical bathroom with ship wheel sink
If mounting a ship wheel on the wall is too ordinary for you, Here is an idea for a nautical bathroom!

nautical signal flags
For a party raise some Nautical Signal Flags.

nautical brass telescope
Spy on your neighbors with a nice brass telescope, or gaze out to sea!

nautical compass floor inlay
And no ship or boat can do without a compass, Here as a floor inlay.

nautical decor with boat
Or if you dare, bring a boat inside, seen here. If you love this idea, but it's a tad too extreme for you, opt for Bringing a Boat to your Backyard instead!

hanging boat on ceiling
For even more drama, hang a boat high above on the ceiling! Seen here.

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Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the telescope looking out to sea!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

I love that inlaid compass!! Check out my post on REALLY nautical decor...a boutique hotel with sails!!

My Castle in Spain said...

i adore the theme of your blog ! so it's really nice to meet you...
(and..yes i love starfish and this parquet floor is to die for!)

Coastal Nest. said...

nummy! all of them.

DesignTies said...

oooooh, I love it all!!! The staircase is beautiful, and the boat-turned side table is genius!!

I'm so living in the wrong place -- I need to be by the ocean!!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

Love Where You Live said...

That boat-to-table is very interesting! Very unique. Along with the boat on the wall. thanks, -susan

Pearl Maple said...

You do know how to weave a story of beautiful photos, how cool to have boat parts in a house.

MBM said...

We have that pillow that says "Don't Give Up the Ship" it was my ancestor Oliver Hazard Perry that said it during the battle of Lake Erie. It is a common theme in my mom's home. Love all the photos you posted! "The nautical signal flags" are great!! I'd love to have those around for a party!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I LOVE the idea of the ship wheel sink. If done correctly, and it certainly is in the picture you show, what a fabulous conversation piece. And, lends perfectly to built-in towel racks!

Anonymous said...

all these ideas are so amazing ....loved everyone of the pictures posted

coastal decor said...

Today's updated coastal decorating style is much more sophisticated than the kitschy, nautically-themed rooms that defined this style in the past. Today's coastal decorating is characterized more by a beach-inspired palette than by an over reliance on garish beach-themed knickknacks. Thanks.:)