DIY Art with Sayings & Quotes Inspired by Ocean, Sea and Beach

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I've always had inspirational words of wisdom around me. I jot them down on pieces of paper that I use as bookmarks, or put them in places where I can see them. Now I'm thinking of turning some of them into art! So I thought it would be lovely to start the New Year with a collection of DIY Art with sayings and quotes inspired by ocean, sea and beach.

inspirational beach sign
Let's start with a great feel good sign for all the beach bums out there! Seen at Anneke's Beach House.

sea quote
It's easy to get lost in things and activities, and these words on Krista's Pallet are a reminder that joy lies in life itself.

ocean quote
Jessica used a lid from a storage box to create her DIY Art. Wise words by Christopher Columbus!

let your dreams set sail
Inspirational sayings and quotes by Red Letter Words. Honoring your dreams is a beautiful thing!

diy quote art
Then framed art with saying. Marcia says, "Sometimes it just takes a little frame and a few words to share the way you feel." To learn more about her quote click here.

wave quote
Jaime Lyn created a Beach Corner in her living room with a window that she picked up for free at a garage sale. She added her quote with a little vinyl!

life is good at the beach
I think we can all agree! Via Starshine Chic.

saying Vinyl letters on wall
Or write your saying directly on the wall with Sticky Vinyl Letters!

and the mountains go down to the sea
Vinyl letter can also decorate the front of stairs!

be the change you wish to see in the world
Sharon of Paper Fections made a beautiful sea inspired art coaster with a timeless quote from Ghandi.

Painted Shell
And a beautifully painted Quahog shell with an inspirational saying at Content in a Cottage. A large flat shell make a perfect canvas!

To another sea inspired year!
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Sherri said...

Maya, I love all those quotes! Inspiration quotes are a good thing!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is something I would like to add to my decor! Great ideas! ♥

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Love an inspiring quote! Thanks, Maya, and Happy New Year!

Beach Coast Style said...

I love quotes. I think they seem to keep me on track for some reason.

Sheer Serendipity said...

I love inspriational quotes! They really motivate me to do more with my life. Have a very Happy New Year!


Tricia Rose said...

How do I love thee - let me count the waves~


You made me go and look up 'Dover Beach' by Matthew Arnold

far more sad than I remember...

Happy New Year Maya!

An Island Mom said...

Love the storage box lid especially!

Really Rainey said...

Hope you have a wonderful New Year Maya!

Rainey @ The Project Table

blessedmom's simple home said...

Thanks so much for featuring my little framed saying here on your wonderful blog. It made my day!

michelle said...

Happy New Year Maya!!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!
These are great, I love sea quotes. :)

Mhairi said...

Lovely! I was planning on doing something with the words to the French song "La Mer"... now I'm definitely going to!

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