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Making a Keepsake Memory Shadow Box Frame

Many of you loved the idea of Memory Keeping in Jars. Making a keepsake memory shadow box frame is another way to go. Check it out!

keepsake memory shadow box
It's sort of a collage with dimension, showcasing items that tell a story, like Ashley's awesome Keepsake Shadow Box Frame. It's a sleek, uncluttered display of a trip to Hawaii with vacation photographs as a background that spell out "Hana Hou", meaning "once more" or "again". Ashley created the letters with Photoshop alphabet templates. Click link above to learn more.

keepsakes in memory shadow box
Keepsakes include sand from favorite beaches in lab beakers turned upside down, labelled with little paper flags on toothpicks. You could use spice containers for a similar look, Ashley says.

travel keepsakes in memory shadow box
A few rocks, shells, and airline ticket stubs held by a clothespin. Once all the keepsakes are inside, close your memory Shadow Box, sit back and enjoy.

You might also enjoy this shadow box frame idea:
Shadow Boxes for Beach Rocks and Shells
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Beautiful Details said...

Cute idea! I love collecting sand for beaches I visit. I brought back pink sand from Bermuda one time...which I could find it. LOL Thanks for sharing!

Sherri said...

What a great idea!!

Juju at Tales of said...

I like the idea of bringing home sand.

beachcomber said...

very cute. love these ideas.

missing moments said...

Cute! Love the sand vials! said...

These are really adorable examples, Maya. Thank you for the birthday wishes - I am indeed still celebrating :O)

Hope you're having a great week!


michelle said...

I love this, what a perfect way to keep everything in one spot to enjoy.

Della said...

I love this! A few years ago I made a shadow box with a bag of Deadliest Brew Coffee signed by Capt. Phil Harris from Deadliest Catch.

Now I want to make another one, and I have plenty of shells and beachy things to fill one!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Isn't that just perfect? I love the idea of cutting out the letters from photos. I made a tray years ago for my parents, with memories from our summer visit to them. I used a map of Florida as the background and added Disney tickets and other stubs, photos, menus and the newspaper headline of the hurricane that we evacuated from!

Lili said...

I like the plane ticket keepsake idea. ~Lili