DIY Lamp -Tripod Floor Lamp with Drift Wood Branches

A low cost drift wood DIY floor lamp that you can make in half a day.

diy lamp
Two long long drift wood branches make up this tripod floor lamp.

driftwood on the shore
The place where we found the drift wood branches in Tiverton, RI.

floor lamp tutorial
The top of the main branch forks into two legs, the second branch is slightly bent. Together they make the perfect driftwood tripod floor lamp. We clamped the branches together, then drilled holes for the screws.

making a tripod floor lamp with wood
After the drift wood branches were screwed together we cut the lamp to the height we wanted.

lamp tutorial
This is the hardware you'll need to make the lamp, plus the cord of course. You should be able to find the parts at your local hardware store.

diy lamp tutorial
We drilled a hole for the threaded rod that holds the socket and a horizontal hole to pull the cord through. We opted to add some hot glue around the hole, but you can try for a press fit.

lamp assembly wiring
Then we assembled the lamp parts. You'll also need a lock nut to tighten the harp.

wiring lamp tutorial
Then we attached the two stripped cord ends to the terminal screws of the socket. The socket we ended up using includes the switch. But you could get a cord with an inline switch too.

floor lamp tutorial
We hot glued the wire along one leg.

driftwood tripod floor lamp
The finished drift wood tripod floor lamp, a DIY all the way.