Coastal Ikea Lamp Hacks

Ikea hacks are so popular that there is a website devoted to them. Here are a few coastal Ikea lamp hacks that might inspire you and get your own creative ideas going.

Coastal Ikea Lamp Hack with Faux Capiz Shells

Ikea Lamp Makeover with Faux Capiz Shells.

Ikea Lamp Makeover with Blue Paint
A simple Ikea pendant lamp is painted in a beachy blue. Via At Home on the Bay.

Ikea Grone Lamp Hack
Ikea Grone Lamp hack with seaglass. Seaglass pieces are adhered on the outside. My attempt of this coastal Ikea lamp hack is below.

Ikea Grone Lamp Makeover with Sea Glass
I attached the seaglass pieces on the inside with hot glue. The large bright spot you see is white seaglass. I had a large green piece there that kept falling off, so I replaced it with the only pieces I had left. Not perfect, but in reality it doesn't look that extreme.

Ikea Table Lamp Hack with Driftwood
Then two simple Ikea Lamp Hacks with Driftwood. A table lamp and a floor lamp (below).

Next time you're in Ikea, you might look at some of the lamps differently. Browse all DIY Lamps.