Make your Outdoors a Coastal Destination!

Make your Outdoors a Coastal Destination!
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Coastal Decoupage Home Decor Accessories

Get a coastal vintage vibe with decoupage. From pots, to picture frames, to kno…

Coastal Resin Tray DIY Ideas | Palm Leaf, Shells & more

You can encapsulate anything flat-ish in <b> Cast Resin</b> -and a tray is the perfect …

Nautical Map Decor Ideas by Anna Örnberg

Anna Örnberg&#39;s decor ideas for nautical maps from the book The Nautical Hom…

The Nautical Home by Anna Örnberg

The latest book by Swedish designer Anna Örnberg, The Nautical Home, is for coa…

DIY Coastal & Nautical Coasters | Summer Crafts

DIY coastal and nautical coasters are a great way to bring beach fun to your su…

Coastal Napkin Decoupage Projects

You can beautify pretty much anything with napkin decoupage. Bottles, pots, vas…

Dress up a Chair with Decoupage

Dress up a chair with decoupage and have it as an Artsy Accent Chair somewhere …

Sea Map Decoupage Ideas for Canvas, Dressers, Letters, Trays, Lampshades and more

Maps not only speak to the Globe trotter but to the ocean soul as well. Here ar…

Sea Colored Vases with Tissue Paper

Beachy bright craft idea with colored tissue paper.

Coral Covered Books -Decorative Book Binding Idea

A bookcase organized and styled by interior designer Charles Faudree.

Make Coastal Decoupage Coasters

To make coasters looks like a fun little project to try the Art of Decoupage .

The Art of Decoupage

A look at Decoupage art.

A Fabulous Nautical Furniture Piece

A cupboard found in the gutter is transformed into a fabulous nautical furnitur…