22 Blue Bedroom Ideas for Coastal Style Living | From Light to Dark

How to use the color blue in the bedroom to create a beautiful coastal beach retreat.

Blue Coastal Bedroom Makeover

The color blue is the most used color in Coastal Home Decor as it captures the sea that we all love so much. These coastal bedroom design & decor ideas show how to use the color blue in different ways. They also show a wide variety of blue hues. Blue can be warm or cold, bold or pale, lean towards green or towards gray. The shades of blue you use will determine the feel of your bedroom. You will also see that some of the bedrooms come off as mainly blue even when in actuality there is more white in the space. Designing a beautiful blue coastal bedroom doesn't mean that blue has to dominate. 

Turquoise Beige and Black Decor in Bedroom

Pale Blue Painted Beach Bedroom Dreamy

Sea Green Glass Table Lamp

blue coral branch area rug bedroom

Dreamy Blue Coastal Country Bedroom

Blue Ocean Art Bedroom Ideas

Blue Ocean Art Bedroom Decor