16 Chic Nautical Bedroom Design Ideas & Decor Inspiration

Chic nautical bedroom design ideas and decor inspiration that celebrate life at sea.

nautical bedroom design ideas decor inspiration
Nautical bedroom wall decor ideas & other nautical design ideas to create a sea infused retreat. The secret to creating a chic and relaxing nautical bedroom is to stick with one specific aspect of the Nautical Theme, picking a single item or creating a simple grouping of items that revolve around the same theme. This nautical bedroom idea makes a stunning ocean picture the focal point of the room. The picture is also the inspiration for the deep gray blue wall color. Via BA.

nautical bedroom decor inspiration with historic ship art
Another nautical bedroom design idea that places a meaningful large art piece above the headboard.  The theme is cruising with a reference to history, expressed with a print of French Luxury Liner SS Normandie in 1932. Seen at House Beautiful.

nautical bedroom design and decor idea with framed signal flags
For a dose of bold color, take inspiration from this nautical bedroom decor idea, using framed Signal Flags as wall decor -a chic solution. You can shop for signal flags on Ebay. You might be able to hunt down some interesting vintage flags.

nautical bedroom decor idea model yacht display
A chic nautical bedroom decor idea seen at Martha Stewart. Decorating with Model Yachts is quite popular. Many people who love the nautical decor theme also love boats.

antique sailor trunk bedroom decor idea for nautical style living
And for the space at the foot of your bed, think antique sailor's chest. Via My Home Ideas. A great nautical bedroom idea, although an authentic chest might be a bit pricey. But there are plenty of rustic storage chest out there that capture the nautical look.

nautical bedroom wall decor idea with maps
Maps and charts are among my favorite nautical design ideas. You can apply them like Wallpaper as shown in this Bedroom, frame them, or Decoupage them on Furniture.

nautical oars wall decor idea above bed headboard
Decorating Nautical with Oars often results in a more rustic casual ambiance, this room however, even with the added Boat Hanging from the Ceiling, gives style to Sleeping with Oars. A chic nautical master bedroom design idea.

nautical bedroom idea with porthole mirror above headboard
Want to pretend you're sleeping on a ship? Think Porthole. In this space, featured at My Home Ideas, a porthole inspired mirror is hung above the bed.

painted ship wheel on wall
Another great nautical bedroom design idea, using a ship wheel. This particular Ship Wheel was a thrift store find, painted white. To me ship wheels speak of voyages at sea and new discoveries.

bedroom with lighthouse
In this chic nautical bedroom you find large scale white Lighthouse Posts. At first glance I didn't even notice them! A very unique nautical bedroom design idea.

nautical fireplace idea bedroom
If you have a fireplace in my bedroom, you could install a nostalgic nautical tile surround. 18th-century blue-and-white Dutch delft tiles with a ship design for example. Seen at AD.

nautical bedroom wall decor design idea with fish net
A rather unique nautical bedroom decor idea, using a fish net as wall decor. Perhaps slightly tacky, but I think it's well done. Original source unknown.

life preserver ring on wallAnd every ship needs a Life Preserver Ring. A nautical design idea by Sarah Richardson.

nautical anchor pillows bedroom decor
Or simply celebrate life at sea with elegant Nautical Pillows. This room is on a ship.

Wall decor anchors bedroom inspiration
A pair of giant anchors, spotted at House Beautiful. Looks dangerous.

sailor valentines bedroom wall decor design idea
Lastly, a nautical bedroom done in a very feminine way, with a collection of Sailors Valentines, designed Phoebe Howard.