Sea Shell Wall Hanging Ideas

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If you've collected lots of shells, here is a great idea. Create a stunning wall hanging!

Sea Shell Wall Hanging with Sign

Attach several Sea Shell Garlands to a beach sign for a beachy shell wall hanging. Seen at Southern Hospitality.

Shell Wall Hanging above Headboard
You could decorate the space above the headboard with a shell wall hanging. Original source unknown.

Fish Net Shell Wall Hanging
You can also hang your shells on a Decorative Fish Net! Original source no longer available.

Shell Wall Hanging
Shell wall hanging featured on 31 Seashell Collection Display Ideas. Original source unknown.

To create a shell wall hanging any type of shell works -even broken shells and fragments! Whatever you find on the beach! And you might want to keep an eye out for shells that already have holes in them, then you don't need to Drill Holes (into Shells).

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