DIY Seashell Curtain & Treats for the Window Ideas

Give a door or a window a seashell treatment with these curtain idea.

How to Make a Seashell Curtain Window Treatment Shell Hanging
All you need to make this lovely window treatment is white raffia or kite string and a few dozen limpets that are worn down into rings by the ocean. Then tie them at regular intervals. Seen at Country Living.

limpet rings
Worn down limpet shells via Flickr.

I've never found any limpets so far and couldn't believe that Lucy from Attic24 collected 145 of them in one day! Here they are stacked up in tens to count.

seashell window treatment
This shows that you can string together seashells of any kind, given you're comfortable Drilling Holes.

DIY Seashell Curtain Door Hanging Idea
Shell curtain door hanging seen at Sweet Paul Magazine.

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