Nautical Decorating Ideas for Sailboat Model Yachts

If you have a beautiful model sailboat yacht or are thinking of buying one, then take a look at these ideas.

nautical decorating ideas for model sailboat yachts | on fireplace mantel
Find your Model Yacht at Wayfair
They have over 100 models to choose from.

When it comes to decorating with sailboat model yachts, I think the bigger the yacht the better, given you really love model yachts and want to make your model a statement piece. In above living the sailboat is the centerpiece and star of the living room. The model yacht takes up all the space above the fireplace, emphasizing height. Nothing else is on the fireplace mantel. It's all about the boat! By Kauffman Tharp Design.

Coastal Living Room Fireplace Mantel Centerpiece Sailboat Model Yacht
Living room design with model sailboat yacht center stage on the fireplace mantel by Giannetti.

Nautical Sailboat Model Yachts Red Sail Living Room Design Idea
In this nautical living room by DFS UK the sailboat model yacht is placed on a side table and the red sail of this yacht brings a great punch of color to the space.

decorating ideas with model yachts
The same design group is also behind this sophisticated nautical office space. A chart-papered wall, antique propeller, and the model yacht sits right on the chunky wood table. A beautiful sight when you come through the door.

model yacht wall decor ideas above sofa
A model yacht decorating idea for the space above the sofa. Again, the yacht is tall, reaching way up. A bold idea as well. Via Pinterest.

model yacht mounted on wall
Decorating with model yachts is not much different than decorating with art. You want to find just the right spot for the piece. In this case, a beautiful sculptural piece. The model yacht is directly attached to the wall and hangs above a gorgeous table. A well balanced combo. Original source unknown.

model yachts for wall decor
Designer Phoebe Howard devoted the entire entry wall of a sea captain's home to model yachts. Quite dramatic. 

Wall Mounted Model Sailboat Yacht Decor Ideas
A living room by Anthony Baratta via Coastal Living (original source not available).

model yacht displayInteresting nooks and ledges such as this beam are all potential display platforms for a model yacht! Featured on Chic Bedrooms -15 Nautical Design Ideas.

Model Sailboat Living Room Decor Idea
Model Sailboat  from Wayfair's Decorative Coastal Objects Collection. The model sailboat is placed on the sofa table along with other decorative objects. The sail catches the light from the window.

decorating ideas with model yachts
This model yacht is an important piece to the owner, symbolizing the family's connection to the boat business they own. A good reason to give a model yacht a prominent space in the house. Via Pinterest.

These inspirational decorating ideas should help you find the perfect spot for your sailboat model yacht.