DIY Nautical Map Wallpaper Ideas

DIY map wallpaper ideas and tutorial using world maps, ocean maps, and nautical charts.

nautical maps wallpaper
Use DIY maps wallpaper to create a Coastal Accent Wall. This chic office, featured on Decorating with Model Yachts, sports a beautiful map-papered wall. You can Find Maritime Charts and Maps on Ebay. By Lisa Tharp Design.

maps wallpaper in bedroom
Designed by Steven Gambrel, the walls in this bedroom are papered with nautical training maps from New York Nautical. Gambrel says, "You just cut off the edges and paste them on the walls. Obviously, to anything, there's a certain art. You want to keep the values of the blues and yellows consistent around the room and not end up with a boring stretch of beige."

maps wallpaper
Another bedroom. Looks like the edges of the maps were not cut off here.

maps on wall
You can design your maps wallpaper anyway you want. Via My Home Ideas, featured here.

maps wallpaper in bathroom
Or Go Wild with Wallpaper in the Bathroom. By Sandvold Blanda.

Nautical Wallpaper Navigation in Powder Room
Custom printed nautical navigation wallpaper in a powder room, seen here

how to install maps as wallpaper

How to Install Maps as Wallpaper

Figure out the layout first and how you want to overlap the maps (original source unknown). If your maps have folding marks, iron them flat. To attach the maps to the wall, use wallpaper paste, ModPodge, or mix your own paste with one part white glue and two parts water. Now you can either apply the paste to the back of the maps or directly to the wall. I would coat the wall, it sounds much easier. Work in sections. If you go around windows, molding, etc., cut away the extra with a craft knife. Once the maps are placed, smooth the surface with a damp sponge. In addition, you could cover everything with a layer of watered down glue to protect the wall. I would only do this step if it was necessary for the overall look. Or use push pins for an easy no fail DIY maps wallpaper. See example here.

Your DIY maps wallpaper could be of faraway places and dream destinations, show were you vacationed, the area you live in, or simply choose maps with lots of ocean waters.