Coastal Beach & Nautical Pillow Decorating Tips & Shopping

Bring home the sea and the beach with Coastal and Nautical Style Pillows. Decorating tips and shopping sources.

Coastal Nautical Beach Pillow Decorating Ideas
The world of coastal beach pillows and nautical pillows is an ever expanding sea of wonderful designs. So where do you begin when shopping for coastal beach pillows? These four coastal pillow decorating tips, plus shopping sources, will help you navigate and determine your pillow decorating style.

1) Choose Pillows of the same Flock:

coastal beach pillow collection
For the most cohesive variety look, use coastal beach pillows from the same line and create a grouping, as seen here with the DL Rhein Pillow Collection.

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red coral pillows
In this living room, coral pillows of the same flock are spread around.

coastal beach pillows
Two pairs of seashell pillows featuring a different design variation are propped up in a Cozy Beach Cottage Bedroom.

2) Repeat Pillow Design:

blue fish pillows
The punch is in the repetition! The same fish pillows are used to create a simple clean look. Featured in one of Alys Beach Houses.

coastal beach pillows bedroom
The same pillow as a twosome works wonders in a Turquoise Bedroom.

3) Mix and Match Pillows:

How to Mix and Match Pillows
Mix and match coastal pillows as you see fit, spotted in a Coastal Main Home.

The mix and match pillow decorating idea combines coastal pillows from one flock with other matching pillows. Often, as seen here, you find one pillow tossed in that stands out from the crowd which brings me to the next idea.

4) Make one Pillow the Star:

coastal beach pillow living room
A single coastal beach pillow or nautical pillow, like this hooked diver pillow, can be the star of your pillow collection. Seen in a Coastal Summer Cottage by Tracey Rapisardi.

Splurge on one awesome coastal pillow that depicts the sea, or features a Saying. Via Porchlight Interiors.

seahorse pillow
A coastal pillow dresses up a Restored Telephone Desk.

starfish pillow
The right coastal beach pillow adds interest and life to a room. Featured here.

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