Going Wild with Coastal Wallpaper in the Bathroom

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Here are a few wild ideas for your bathroom walls! From wallpaper to postcards.

Flamingo Bathroom
I stumbled across this Bathroom when I was browsing DIY-Guides, and I think pink has never looked better. The wading flamingo wallpaper by Cole and Son is so much fun, so is the freestanding tub!

Seashell Wallpaper
A year ago I published Falling for Nautical Wallpaper and the trend seems to continue. And I can't think of a better space to go wild with wallpaper and/or a theme than a small bathroom! Especially if you have a second bathroom or a powder room. Image via Florida Design Magazine.

Map Wallpaper
Many people stick maps to the walls. Via House to Home.

Postcard Wallpaper
Others paste postcards to the wall, or Decoupage. Seen at Coastal Living.

Beach Mural
Or how about creating palmy view with a Beach Mural. Let your imagination run wild!
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