Palm Leaves & Fronds to Add Green & Tropical Flavor to the Home

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Add tropical flavor and green to your space with palm leaves and palm fronds.

fan palm leaves in vases
Large palm leaves in glass vases give this dining room space at Coastal Living Beach House 2011 a sophisticated tropical vibe. All images are via Coastal Living.

Palm Frond Decor Ideas for Vases
Palm frond in an Oceanic Glass Vase by Amanda Webster Design featured on here.

Palm Leaf in Shell Vase Decor Idea
Palm leaf in a shell vase, seen at House Full of Summer.

banana palm leaves in vase
Palm fronds and oversized banana palm leaves.

A huge leaf, seen at Tracy Murdock. Not your everyday houseplant.

palm leaves decor
There are over 3000 different species of palms.

palm fronds decor
This palm leaf belongs to the feather palm family.

palm fronds in vase
Palm fronds in a Caribbean Island Home.

framed palm leaves
Framed palm leaves.

Palm Leaf in Vase
Fresh cut palm leaves placed in a vase can last a couple of weeks or even longer.

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