Creative DIY Faux Coral Ideas

Ocean friendly Faux DIY Sea Life is the best, and here are some ideas for DIY coral.

DIY Coral Collection White Coral Faux How to Tutorial
I can't believe these coral figurines are faux! From a collection of DIY coral inspired by a variety of coral types to the precious red coral. 

How to Make Faux Coral Figurines

Stunning coral collection made from floral items purchased at the Craft Store. The items were then treated and build up with textured paint and spray foam. Coral types in this DIY coral collection include Polyp coral, branches, whips, brain coral, and others.

DIY Red Coral Figurine

This lovely faux coral figurine is made with wire and hot glue. The faux coral is then primed and painted red. A simple and genius idea how to make faux red coral. 

DIY Red Coral Branch

Transform any knobby branch into a red coral accent piece with this idea from Martha Steward. Here a manzanita branch (from a dried-flower supplier) was used.

Red Painted Branch Decor in Vase Idea

And here a large red painted branch is displayed in a Vase. The branch was painted with red gloss spray.